Alicia Yeager is a coach at Tristate Athletics. Alicia has over 20 years of experience in the cheerleading industry and over 15 years experience coaching. Alicia began cheerleading when she was 12-years-old in a rec league, and cheered in high school and in all star cheerleading before she began coaching. Alicia has coached cheerleading in recreational leagues, middle school, and in all star cheerleading.

Biggest Accomplishment: Alicia is most proud of the relationships she has built with her athletes over the years. She coaches cheerleading but also tries to coach at life. She is most proud of her successes that her and her athletes have achieved together. She is proud to say that every team she has coached as achieved their goals attending the summit each season.

Alicia’s Motto: You earn your trophies at practice, and pick them up at the competition.

Alicia’s Coaching Style: People would describe Alicia’s coaching style as loving. She creates bonds with her athletes where they feel comfortable talking to her about things that have nothing to do with cheerleading. Alicia has children and I has been told “you can tell I’m a mom.” She understand the kids in a different way and treats them all how she would want her children to be treated. She is very respectful and encouraging. She tries her best to help children create the best memories they can also while preparing them to be competitive and physically able to do what they do. Her goals as a coach is to help these kids once they are grown to think back and remember their cheerleading experience as one of the best and rewarding experiences in their childhoods.

Alicia’s Birthday: September 28th