Crystal Mckinnon is a coach at Tristate Athletics. Crystal has over 20 years of experience in the cheerleading industry and has coached rec cheer, school cheer, and all star cheerleading. Crystal is also the office manager at Tristate Athletics.

Biggest Accomplishment:Helping athletes obtain goals, instilling positive work ethics inside and outside the gym, developing responsible mature athletes while continuing to assist program growth within our organization and making the best possible experience for athletes and their families.

Crystal’s Motto: Self Reflection and Accountability is the key to bettering yourself for not only the good of the individual but for the greater strength of the team. Never be the best on the team, Always be the best for the team.

Crystal’s Coaching Style: Strives to be proactive in all situations, holds safety at the highest of importance; Ensures all information is understood by everyone; Makes a continuous conscious effort to understand a situation, communicates all perspectives and helps to make the best outcome for all involved; detail oriented.

Crystal’s Birthday: October 6th