Erik Davis is a coach at Tristate Athletics. Erik has 2 years coaching experience and 4 years of cheerleading experience. Erik started his cheerleading career at KX Athletics and then moved to Tristate Athletics where he has been cheering for 3 years. Erik loves coaching and it makes him extremely happy knowing that he can take the knowledge he has learned from previous coaches and teach to athletes that he coaches and prepare them for higher levels.

Biggest Accomplishment: Erik’s favorite moment are when athletes he coaches learn knew skills and also perfect a skill.

Erik’s Motto: Everything takes time.

Erik’s Coaching Style: I believe that my coaching style can be more laid back but when the time comes I know when to speed things up when it comes to drilling a routine or teaching an athlete new skills. I make it easy for athletes to communicate with me because I know what they go through knowing that I once was an athlete.

Erik’s’s Birthday: December 12th