Lauren Fitzpatrick is a coach at Tristate Athletics. Lauren started cheering at the age of 5 in rec cheer and cheered in all star cheer and school cheer throughout her school career. Lauren is currently in college and will be graduating in May 2020 with a degree in Radiology from Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences. Lauren started her coaching career as a junior coach and has coached for all star cheer and high school cheer.

Biggest Accomplishment: Some of Lauren’s proudest moments are watching former athletes take on roles as coaches themselves. She loves watching each of the athletes grow both on and off of the mat.

Lauren’s Motto: Just because you hit your skills doesn’t mean that they are good. At this level in the sport you must strive for great.

Lauren’s Coaching Style: Lauren describes her coaching style as “tough love”. The athletes know she has their best interests at heart and will continue to push them until they have developed into the athlete that she knows they can be.

Lauren’s Birthday: March 25, 2019