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The Performance Team trains twice a week where the athletes focus on tumbling, mini-trampoline and acrobatics. We also train in German Wheel, hoops and juggling. Our mission is to offer an experience which is focused on team collaboration and creativity. This group performs locally in the tristate area and have also traveled nationally as well as internationally. We love doing community and charity events, half-time shows, parades and any other venues where we can provide a fun experience for the audience. We are always looking for athletes who share our love of performance and entertainment.



¬†Tristate Athletics is Delaware’s most successful all star program! We are committed to the following:


Tristate Athletics is committed to a top notch cheerleading experience, season after season.


Tristate Athletics employees dedicated, qualified, and certified coaches in levels 1-5!


From uniforms and shoes, to apparel, music, and choreography, Tristate always has the best!


Tristate prides itself for an accepting/family atmosphere where everyone feels at home.
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